• A 10 week home workout for women

    Get in the shape of your life with a home workout that progressively builds your conditioning and confidence, no matter what your starting fitness level.

    Perfect for busy women of all ages.

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    Belle Body Plan - 10 Week Transformation

    High intensity workouts to get you fit, fast. From home!

    Perfect for busy women or those wanting to get a jump start back into fitness, the Belle Body Plan 10 week transformation is tailored to your busy lifestyle, fitness level & goals. It gives you everything you need to get the results you've been dreaming of, and includes:

    • 10 Week Training Schedule
    • Day by day workout plan
    • 6 different types of workouts to keep you motivated and fresh
    • 18 HIIT workouts (21-28min)
    • 21 Time Trial workouts (18min)
    • Time Trial scorecard to see your improvement as the weeks progress
    • Regular fitness tests, challenging you to set a new personal bests
    • Body transformation tracker
    • Bonus workout #1 - 500 Burpees Plan
    • Bonus workout #2 - 5 minute Plank Plan
    • Bonus workout #3 - Run a 5km Plan
    • Detailed exercise guide with instructions & illustrations of each for the 54 exercises, so you understand how to do each one correctly
    • Warm Up & Warm Down stretching routines to protect against injury and reduce post-workout soreness
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee - if you complete the 10 weeks and still don't get the results you were hoping for, you get your money back no questions asked.
    • And follow Bec on Instagram @belle_pt for daily videos and help with your program, as well as access to our growing community. We'll help you achieve your goals together :)

    Meet your Trainer for the next 10 weeks

    Bec Messer: PT, mother of 2 little girls, & your new cheerleader!


    Hello & welcome to my Belle Body program!


    I'm really looking forward to seeing you achieve your fitness goals over the next 10 weeks.

    No doubt you're a little nervous as well as excited about what's to come. So let me be the first to say you're not alone. We all have to start somewhere. I think you'll be amazed at what you can achieve as we work through the program together.


    There's no doubt the biggest hurdle is going to be finding the time to focus on yourself and your fitness. Being a mother of two little girls I completely identify with how busy life can be!


    And as a personal trainer working with women of all ages & fitness levels, I've found that generally speaking, we're all looking for the same things from our workouts:


    • Weight (fat) loss

    • More energy

    • Body confidence

    So this program has been designed, tested and revised based on feedback from real women just like you. It focuses on exactly what you want. The Belle Body Plan aims to help you improve your fitness in six keys areas: lowering your BMI (body mass), increasing your aerobic capacity, muscular toning, greater endurance & conditioning, and better flexibility. And to do it in a few short sharp sessions each week.


    My goal is to not only help you get the results you want in 10 weeks, and a great before/after photo, but also help build a lifestyle of health that becomes part of who you are. That way the results will continue long after the program ends.

    I hope you enjoy being part of the Belle Body community as much as I do. It's been a privilege to share this program, meet new friends, and watch the great results women just like you are achieving. Because you're the ones who've helped create it.


    Bec xx

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    Belle Body 10 Week Home Workout
    10 Week Transformation Training Plan & Exercise Guide
    Was $47.95 AUD / Now $19.95

    - 10 Week Training Schedule
    - Day-by-Day Workout Plan
    - 6 different workout styles
    - 18 HIIT sessions
    - 21 Time Trial sessions
    - Time Trial Scorecard
    - Body Transformation Tracker
    - Exercise Guide with illustrations & instructions
    - 100% Money Back Guarantee
    - 3 Bonus Workouts
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    Belle Body Program


    154 pages of workouts, instructions, progress tracking, and bonus sessions to get you into the shape of your life!

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    Belle Body Program


    + Initial video chat to personalise the program for your circumstances


    + weekly check-ins to track your progress

    Tier 3: $129.95

    Belle Body Program


    + Initial video chat to personalise the program for your circumstances


    + weekly check-ins to track your progress


    + weekly zoom/skype workout online personal training session for 10 weeks ($9/session, bargain!)

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